A tale to tell

I want to preface that this post may be hard for some to read: emotionally speaking. It was challenging for me to verbalize…and in the end, quite cathartic. I will try to be concise and to the point (that be the “tough-love” in me).¬†This topic started as a post on Facebook¬†a few weeks ago, and […]

Cumin spiced tofu with black beans, mango salsa steamed broccoli

So tonight’s dinner is Mexican inspired. Brian was searching recipes online and said one thing, which lead me to create this. I remember using a similar rub on pork tenderloin in the restaurants (also delicious…but it had other ingredients like ground coriander and ginger…nomnom). Here’s a note on cooking tofu. It’s important to let it […]

Better 4-U Hummus

Better-4-U Hummus Recipe by Jeffrey Brous I love hummus. I remember when I first tried it – and then I tried to make it…yeah – that didnt go so well (I was 13 or 14 and used nearly 1 cup of olive oil to 1 can of chick peas). Well since then, and school things […]

Sichuan Braised Tofu with Broccolini and Cous Cous

So in our never-ending debate as to what to cook for dinner. We searched for concepts and ideas. As we came up with this, we got out recipe list in order, analyzed the nutrition and prepared it. It was…delicious! Sichuan Braised Tofu with Broccolini and Cous Cous Minutes to Prepare: 30 Minutes to Cook: 75 […]