Photos! :)

Brian was using my iPhone camera while we made dinner….

What a fun day! A bunch of ZIN and our students had a great day learning new routines and just dancing!

Brian & I. This picture was taken May of 2011 at Brian’s brother’s wedding (Eric & Mallory).

Me and my bestie, Shane (and Pam’s in the lower left corner…lol)

Crispy Tofu Skewers at Boda in Maine

Back Row: Brian, Me, Rob (My Brother), Charles (My Dad)
Front Row: Jonah (Our Nephew), Noah (Our Nephew), Jude (My Sister-in-Law), Rose (My Mom) and Aliyah (Our Niece)

Left to Right: Brian, Me, Diane (My Mother-In-Law), Marc (My Father-In-Law), Eric (My Brother-In-Law), and Mallory (My Sister-In-Law). This was taken late summer of 2010 on our family vacation in Maryland.

More to come!


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